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If you haven't shopped for an electricity plan in the last year or two, you are in for a surprise. Electricity rates have increased rapidly over the past few months and are up by about 3 to 5 cents per KWH compared to last year's rates.
With hundreds of plans to choose from, it's difficult to understand their complex structures and easy to fall into the trap of gimmicky plans and hidden fees. Power Wizard's mission is to protect you from electricity providers taking advantage of you. Their technology can filter through 100s of plans in seconds to find top-trending electricity deals from different providers all in one place, which, in turn, gives you access to the best electricity plans and eliminates the hassle of finding and comparing electricity plans yourself. With Power Wizard your days of overpaying for electricity are over!

Visit PowerWizard.com to find the best plans in your area or call 855-475-8315 to get free advice from one of their friendly experts. Access the best energy plans in seconds at Power Wizard!

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