Sexiest doll alive? Idris Elba doll selling for $1,100 has fans doing a double take

After earning the (well-deserved, some would say) title of Sexiest Man Alive, a new doll has been created in actor Idris Elba's likeness.

The problem? It doesn't appear to look anything like him.

The doll manufactured by UK company Emperis appears to have nailed his stylish look, with the doll sporting a vest, jeans and a coat thrown over his shoulder.

But when it comes to the doll's face, not even the debonair stare could save it. Some fans asked if the people who approved the doll had ever seen the British actor before.

In fact, fans felt it looked more like "Think Like a Man" and "A Million Little Things" actor Romany Malco.

Malco weighed in on the head-scratching comparison.

If you want to add this mini Idris to your collection, it might leave your wallet feeling a lot lighter. The company is selling this "life-like" doll for $1,100.
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