Caught on Camera: Firefighters rescue man, dog from icy pond

ROSCOE, Illinois (KTRK) -- A man and his dog are safe after firefighters pulled them from freezing waters in northern Illinois.

Crews say the dog, named Chewy, fell through the ice and his owner tried to get to him with a kayak.

That's when the kayak overturned, dumping the owner into the water.

Video shows Lt. Justin Mayton going in after the duo and getting them to safety.

He recommends that if a pet does ever go under the ice, don't go in after it.

"I would definitely call 911," Mayton said. "Take it easy so you don't get exhausted. The more exhausted you get, the harder it is to stay afloat."

Mayton will receive an award from PETA for the rescue.

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