No ice scrapers? Texans use Frisbees, tamale spreaders to clean windshields after winter blast

TEXAS -- What do you do when ice and snow cover your windshield? If you live in Texas, you might not have an ice scraper handy.

So when a winter blast blanketed thousands of windshields across the state with ice on January 16, Texans needed to get creative.

Some used everyday household items, like Frisbees, spatulas and levels, to scrape ice off their windshield. Less conventional tools, like a tamale spreader and a machete, proved to work as well.

One man, however, completely destroyed a gift card in his attempt.

He could use a lesson from football star J.J. Watt, who seemed to be making progress with a Buc-ee's gift card, though he said it wasn't nearly as effective as an ice scraper:

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