Huskies enter neighbor's home through doggy door and kill family's dogs

FRESNO, California -- A northeast Fresno family is mourning the deaths of three dogs - after their neighbor's Huskies entered their home and brutally attacked their pets.

The family of those two huskies surrendered their rights to the dogs, who are now being quarantined at the SPCA.

But the family of the three dogs that were killed say they repeatedly warned their neighbors about their dogs getting out and nothing was ever done to fix the problem.

Home surveillance video of the two neighbor's Huskies roaming inside her home, where her three little dogs live, sent Silvia Acosta into a panic while at work Thursday.

"I rushed home, got here..." said Acosta.

Right at the front door was Acosta's 12-year-old dog Urlie. He was gutted.

Acosta said she then ran inside looking for her two other dogs when she found 11-year-old Nash.

"I found him inside our downstairs bathroom behind the toilet. His body temperature was so cold," she said.

She wrapped Nash up in a blanket and rushed him to the ER, where he later died.

Acosta then drove back home looking for her 8-year-old Rufus who was still missing.

"He was dead in our backyard, I just didn't realize it," she said.

It's a tragedy that she and her husband David says could have been prevented, because they say for the last two years, they have warned their neighbors about their huskies climbing over the fence to get to their property.

"What is so frustrating is the multiple warnings that we gave, multiple times that we advised."

The owner of the Huskies who did not want to be identified had this to say.

"They do have a problem getting out. We have assessed the situation. I figured out one time he was jumping on top of the garbage can, he was crawling on top of the fence.... and I'm very, very sorry."

The family of the three dogs say they are planning to take legal action.

Now the SPCA says if you ever encounter a situation where your neighbor's dog is entering your property, you can always call them and they will pick it up as a stray even if it belongs to your neighbors.
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