Tips for a lush lawn during hurricane season

If your lawn took a beating during last week's rainy weather, the experts at Buchanan's Native Plants say there are some things lawn caretakers can do to ensure the grass stays green no matter what the weather.

"You don't think about how heavy the rain can be when it's standing on the lawn," said Melinda Kanner, nursery manager at Buchanan's Native Plants.

She explains that standing water that accumulates on top of lawns can actually be so heavy it compacts the soil and cuts off the oxygen supply to the soil, which could spell disaster. She suggests regularly aerating your lawn to ensure the soil gets adequate oxygen.

Those who experienced massive flooding during Harvey may also see that their lawn is still feeling the effects more than a year later, which unfortunately, she says, can happen.

Another problem, according to Kanner, is oversoaking with too much moisture.

"Soil is a living thing full of organisms and it stays healthy by introducing healthy microorganisms," Kanner says.

She recommends using an organic compost and also getting the lawn regularly cut, but not too short.

"And finally, monitor the water," she says. "If you're on an irrigation system, don't over water when we've had a lot of rain."

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