Galveston County cautiously optimistic after Hurricane Marco shifts east

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Sunday, August 23, 2020
Galveston Co. cautious after Hurricane Marco shifts east
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"I've lived here long enough to know, because if you remember back with Ike it was supposed to go south, and it came this way."

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Galveston neighbors and emergency leaders remain cautiously optimistic after Hurricane Marco's path shifted east.

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Scott Kusnerik, a Galveston resident, took his dog for a walk and couldn't help but smile after he learned what path Hurricane Marco is expected to take.

"I was happy," Kusnerik said. "Some relief, because I stress out too much."

He was relieved because his home flooded during Hurricane Ike, which is why he wasn't sitting around Saturday.

"Trimming trees away from the roof," he said. "Cleaned my gutters out."

Kusnerik wasn't the only one. Others on the island also trimmed trees, and some even boarded up their homes.

"Still a little bit worried," Kusnerik said. "Been through many storms."

Galveston County emergency leaders are cautious optimistic, however. They still have evacuation plans, and a place to for people to evacuate to in Austin, but Galveston County Judge Mark Henry believes Bolivar is the area's only concern.

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"Have your plan ready," Henry said. "Have your kit ready, and be prepared for a voluntary evacuation should those things not turn out and we expect significant flooding."

Harris County is also staying busy. The office of emergency management is staffed this weekend. They're also prepping with local fire department to check on equipment, because a lot was upgraded after Hurricane Harvey three years ago.

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"Since Hurricane Harvey, we've had 60 percent more high water assets in this region. In terms of equipment, we're doing well," Harris County deputy emergency management coordinator, Francisco Sanchez.

The cone may have shifted east, but with Tropical Storm Laura moving father west, locals said not celebrating yet.

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"I've lived here long enough to know, because if you remember back with Ike it was supposed to go south, and it came this way," Kusnerik said.