PHOTOS: ABC-13 reporter remembers Hurricane Katrina in photos

As we approach the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, ABC-13 Jessica Willey dug up a few photos from her time in New Orleans covering the disaster. Some need explaining, others don't.

Photographer Tony Chapa and I were the first ones there for the station. We spent the night in the car (awkward sleeping position) on I-10 just west of the city and made our way in at dawn to find the city filled with water knowing many had not survived. What we found was mostly captured in video but we snapped a few pictures as well.

On the deserted bridge, I'm using a satellite phone to talk to the newsroom. New Orleans-a city that never sleeps-was eerily quiet in some spots. The children I'm holding had been separated from their mothers during a rooftop rescue.

Medical responders needed help just comforting them. That was a lasting moment for me. I later found out they were reunited with their mothers in San Antonio. It was a relief.

Since then, I have been back dozens of times over the years for work and have seen incredible progress. There is more to come. New Orleans and its people have such soul.

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