Galveston trees damaged by Hurricane Ike carved into works of art

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When Hurricane Ike blew through Galveston Island, it destroyed almost everything in its path, including many of the island's beautiful tree canopies.

Some local homeowners looked at their debris-ridden streets and fallen trees, and instead of focusing on the destruction, they saw a chance to bring new life to the town they call home.

They partnered with artists in the area to carve the Galveston Tree Sculptures, standing where fallen trees had been to symbolize rejuvenation following the catastrophic storm.

Artists Earl Jones, Dale Lewis and Jim Phillips joined the project to create the lovely sculptures, which led to the birth of the Galveston Tree Sculptures Tour.

The tour is self-guided and open to the public. It is mostly concentrated in the East End Historic District, but other sculptures are scattered throughout the island at homes as well as several off the beaten path.

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