Residents like ABC13's Tom Koch still on edge 7 months after Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As you can imagine more than seven months after Hurricane Harvey, hearing the words "strong storm'" puts a lot of people on edge.

One of those people just so happens to include Eyewitness News anchor Tom Koch, who was personally impacted by the historic storm.

On Wednesday, Koch was able to do something he has not been able to do for a while.

He was able to return to his home.

Although he is home again and able to sleep in his own bed, like so many others, his home is still a work in progress.

Tom was able to spare many treasured items by moving them upstairs as the water was rising.

So many people who lost everything they own during Harvey and are still not living in their homes are again fearful of more rain.

"It makes me nervous, really. Just a lot of angst every time I feel droplets from the sky. There's an old song, 'Oh, no don't let the rain come down.' I think that's my prayer now," Koch said. "It's just one of those feelings where you ask 'is there going to be a repeat?'"

In the Nottingham Forest area, house after house is still under construction. Some families are moving along faster than others.

After flood waters ravaged this entire subdivision, some aren't returning.

Homeowner Gary Bond has been living with his grandson for more than six months as his entire house is being rebuilt.

Harvey victim whose house will be completely rebuilt speaks out
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As you can imagine more than seven months after hurricane Harvey, hearing the words 'strong storm' puts a lot of people on edge.

Some of Bond's appliances arrived, but there is still some anxiety in the air.

"Hey, if it happens again, I ain't going through this again. I'm out of here," Bond said. "Surely it can't happen again but who knows."
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