Survey: Harvey left financial and mental health problems behind

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Harvey victims were left with little help and little hope, according to new survey results. At least one in six reported having a new or worsened health problem.

The survey, done by the Episcopal Health Foundation and Kaiser Family Foundation, surveyed 1,600 Harvey victims from across south Texas.

Of those who applied for FEMA aid, 56 percent were denied aid or still have applications pending. Of those denied, 38 percent were given no reason why.

FEMA data, broken down by zip code shows many denials were higher in lower-income, non-white neighborhoods, while approvals, in many cases, were higher in areas that had a higher white population.

"There's a certain way you have to answer [the application for assistance]. If you answer one question [wrong], even if you misunderstood or didn't understand it or comprehend the question, they deny you," said one 29-year-old victim.

"FEMA has done some good things," said Episcopal Health Foundation CEO Dr. Elena Marks.

"People really expected to be returning to normalcy and I think what they're finding is that they can't - that a significant percentage cannot. And those who are lower income and those who are African-American or Hispanic are having a worse time than others," Marks said.

If you have NFIP insurance, you can find out more information about appeals on FEMA's website.

If you were denied by FEMA, you can click here for an interactive tool to help you write an appeals letter.

You can read the full survey here.

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