Hurricane Florence could still bring catastrophic storm surge even as a Category 1 storm

Hurricane Florence is forecast to make landfall on Friday as a Category 1 storm, with winds between 74-95 mph. But what does that mean?

Hurricanes are ranked according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Even though Florence is "only" a Category 1 hurricane, the storm surge could be catastrophic.

The National Hurricane Center warns the storm surge could be 9- to 13-feet high in some coastal sections of North Carolina.

Much like Hurricane Ike, which made landfall in southeast Texas 10 years ago this week, the storm surge will be much worse than the wind.

Since Florence was once a Category 4 hurricane when it was over the open water of the Atlantic, it caused ocean water to rise.

Now, even though winds are weaker, the elevated water level is pushing ashore with the storm.

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