'Hungry' man caught eating Frosted Flakes during home burglary

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (KTRK) -- Police have arrested a man accused of committing a bizarre crime in Ohio.

Toledo Police responded to the home of two women around 3:20 a.m.

One of the woman told police that she woke up to find a man eating Frosted Flakes in her bedroom.

She said the man reportedly said "hi," and walked out of her bedroom.

Police say the woman woke up her mother, who went into the kitchen to find the man eating their cereal. She told him to get out of their house, which he did, but not before he stole her wallet.

Police eventually identified the man as Gerald John Conger after he left the wallet at an adult entertainment store, where he had been kicked out.

Police said the front door of the house was unlocked and warns people to make sure to lock up and be alert.
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