Remains found in woods could be connected to shooting in Liberty

LIBERTY, TX (KTRK) -- A human skeleton found in a wooded area in Liberty could be connected to a motel shooting in early January, according to Liberty police.

Brooke Luce, 18, was shot in the face Jan. 6 inside the Deluxe Inn on US 90. Police issued a warrant that night for the arrest of her boyfriend, John Murton.

"The investigators had found there were issues that had gone on in the past that were less than desirable in the relationship, I would say," Lt. Chip Fairchild said.

However, days went by and investigators could not find Murton. Earlier this week, police searched a wooded area about a half mile from the Deluxe Inn.

"As we were going to check these areas, we came across some evidence belonging to our suspect," Fairchild said.

About 50 yards further into the woods, investigators found a human skeleton.

"We didn't see anything that would cause us to believe there was any foul play," Fairchild said.

Lt. Fairchild said only bones remain. He said temperatures were freezing the night of the shooting and that it is possible the suspect was hiding in the woods while patrol cars circled the streets nearby.

An autopsy was performed Thursday and investigators are awaiting DNA results to identify the bones.

Brooke Luce's aunt, Mandy Tanner, said Brooke never spoke about problems in her relationship with Murton.

"He was pretty decent, pretty nice, friendly, really didn't talk much, just he was nice," Tanner said.

She said her family is trying to recover after a tragic ordeal.
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