Investigation into botched raid that killed Houston couple now complete

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston police have finished their criminal investigation into the raid that killed a husband and wife.

The botched raid at the home on Harding Street killed Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas in January.

After months of investigation, HPD has turned over their findings to the Harris County District Attorney's Office. No further details of that investigation have been released.

District Attorney Kim Ogg responded with the following statement: "Our independent investigation continues; all of the evidence will be reviewed by prosecutors and ultimately presented to a grand jury to determine what criminal charges are warranted. We will be thorough and methodical, because the people of Harris County deserve the truth."

A private investigative team hired by the lawyers of Tuttle and Nicholas continue their work inside the Harding house.

Walking Eyewitness News through the home on Tuesday, the private investigators were seen marking every bullet hole, numbering somewhere past 30, and reconstructing the trajectory of the bullets.

"We've heard a story from the beginning about a wild gun battle and this guy wielding a .357 magnum and shooting four police officers with a pistol," said family attorney Mike Doyle. "That doesn't line up with physical evidence at the site that anybody who did a comprehensive evaluation would confirm."

Doyle says the team believes the living room couch is where Nicholas died. One of her beloved dogs was shot in the hallway between the cramped living and dining rooms.

Doyle adds his team realizes that Houston police investigators collected a vast amount of evidence the days following the January no-knock raid. However, they were surprised by the volume of seemingly important evidence left behind.

"I'm hopeful that if anyone wants to know the full story, they won't just ignore the evidence that's been collected by the family's efforts."


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