Former HPD officer gives input on deadly drug raid that injured 5 officers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A former Houston police officer says Chief Art Acevedo is handling the deadly drug raid incident improperly.

Thomas Nixon, who worked for the Houston Police Department for 11 years, says the incident should not be discussed until the entire investigation is complete.

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"We all know you should never do that: release things as you go along," said Nixon.

Recently released search warrants suggest the lead case agent falsified information on the search warrant. It now appears an informant never went to the home of Dennis and Rhogena Tuttle to purchase drugs.

Nixon says, however, it may just be a case of lacking information considering the officer is still in the hospital.

"They still aren't sure who the informant is because the officers at the center of the investigation haven't given a complete statement," Nixon said.

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