How to achieve budgeting in 2021

Many people made saving money a New Year's resolution in 2021, so ABC13 spoke with some experts for ways you can cut your budget.

Experts said the number one reason people fail at budgeting is they do not write down all their expenses.

Every dollar that goes out needs to be tracked and written down so you see exactly where your money is going.

Once that's done, you can look at cutting costs.

Moving your money can help save you hundreds, according to experts.

They said it's a good idea to transfer your credit card debts to a zero balance card, but be sure not to use the card for future expenses, and pay it off during the zero interest term.

The other move, for homeowners, is to refinance your home.

"There is a tremendous saving opportunity," said Greg McBride with Bankrate. "An ability to free up $100, $200, $250 a month or more in the budget that can have a meaningful impact in terms of accelerating debt repayment."

Also, when you write down your expenses, remember to include all the things that get automatically deducted from your account, like streaming services.

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