Wife of man accused of killing officer wants to thank Houston Police Department

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Friday, October 23, 2020
Wife of man accused of killing officer wants to thank HPD
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Advocates want Houstonians to know that there's help in Texas for any domestic violence victims.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The estranged wife of capital murder suspect Elmer Rolando Manzano wanted to end their 16 year marriage after their relationship became toxic.

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The woman's attorney, Carvana Cloud, said she just wanted to protect her sons.

Cloud is with the non-profit Empowered Survivor. The two connected after Monday's deadly shooting. Houston police give information about domestic violence resources to survivors.

The Empowered Survivor is one of them. Cloud said Manzano's wife wanted to thank the Houston Police Department for their heroic efforts on Monday.

"She wants to make sure the family of those officers, especially Sergeant Harold Preston, understands and has her sincerest condolences," said Cloud. "They are very much considered heroes by her and her family."

Cloud said Manzano's wife has legal status to be in the United States. Manzano allegedly threatened to take their children to Central America or call immigration services to scare her.

The wife reached out for help from Houston police on Saturday.

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Victim advocates said it's important to remember there is help from agencies across southeast Texas, including the Houston Area Women's Center. The center runs a 24-hour hotline with help available in any language.

"Many, many times they feel alone. Not only are other people going through it, but there are professionals who are empathic and who can help, who can just listen or help them take action when they're ready," said Leticia Manzano with HAWC. "We want survivors to know that we're not going to tell them what to do. We're going to support them. We're going to offer options. Ultimately, the decision is always theirs."

There is also help for undocumented individuals who find themselves victims of abuse. Guadalupe Fernández with the Tahirih Justice Center said there are legal protections entitled to them.

"There is protections across the country that provide immigration status protection, stability, and safety for those that are victims of crime," said Fernández. "We really want encourage communities that immigration status should not be a barrier in seeking safety."

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