Corvette flooded on highway after East Loop water main break

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Thursday's water main break threw many Houston drivers for a loop as they made their daily commutes.

With water flowing, drivers nearest to the break grew frantic as they tried to save their cars from damage.

Later on, waters began to recede and the recovery process began.

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A man who was driving his Corvette was nearly submerged as the waters rose around him and entered into his car.

John was on the East Loop when he said he noticed a bit of water coming towards him.

"It kept going, then all of a sudden, it erupted. I mean, like a big water hammer," he said. "Nobody moved."

The Houston Fire Department said it was able to rescue around three drivers. However, there were about a dozen vehicles left stranded on the roadway.

HFD also said it had to evacuate several people from their homes as crews worked to stop the quick-flowing water.

The water began flowing after a city contractor was doing exploratory work for a water line project.

When soil was moved from the line, the 96-inch water line burst releasing about 40 to 50 percent of the water Houston residents use.

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