Houston TranStar announces new real-time street flood tracking feature

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston TranStar unveiled a new tool that will help drivers avoid potentially flooded roadways.

In addition to offering freeway flooding data, TranStar is now incorporating real-time flooding information from 170 locations around surface streets and waterways.

The information comes from the Harris County Flood Control District, and will help predict localized street flooding.

"Making it real time is difficult, but giving people an idea of the area they need to avoid makes a big difference," said County Judge Ed Emmett.

If a gauge measures a high amount of rainfall in a short time, an alert shows up with a three-mile radius on the TranStar map online and on the agency's app. The alert remains on the map for 90 minutes to let you know there's a possibility of flooding in the area.

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