Greater traffic increase in afternoons compared to mornings during reopening

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As Texas continues to reopen, we are seeing traffic return to Houston freeways, but the traffic "bounce back" is greater in the afternoon compared to the morning hours.

Looking at Transtar's monitoring site on I-10 westbound at Voss, traffic has returned in full force during the p.m. hours, but it's still behind in the morning.

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During the week of May 15, morning traffic was down about 31 percent. However, afternoon traffic has picked up compared to last year, with an increase of two and a half percent.

Transtar continues to show traffic growing week after week, but overall averages are still below normal. Traffic is down about 20 percent overall across the Houston freeway system.

ABC13 asked Transtar for their assessment of the morning versus afternoon numbers. Analysts said the boom in afternoon traffic is a reflection of the types of trips being made. In the morning, most traffic can be attributed to work commutes, but in the afternoon it's a combination of traffic related to jobs, social activities, and errands.

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