Texans fans bring their appetite to New Orleans craving a win

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (KTRK) -- In their Texas boots, rocking the red and blue, with J.J. Watt close by, Texans fans invaded Who Dat nation Sunday with an appetite.

"The pizza last night was excellent on Bourbon Street, I am just saying," Texans fan Laura Miller said.

"Anything seafood, I am all for it," Texans fan Denise Pernisi said.

From Beignets at Café Du Monde to breakfast at Mothers Cafe, you'll want to head to New Orleans ready to eat.

"It was two fried eggs, two sausage links, biscuits and cheesy grits," Texans fan Russell Morris said.

To fried oysters at Dragos, Texans fans came to the big easy hungry.

"Oh we are doing what the New Orleans people do. We walked down Bourbon Street, ate, drank, we ate seafood. We are here for the fun and the laughs," Texans fan Sabrina Williams said.

Joncy Rickett's mom is from New Orleans and a Saints fan.

"Not much you can do about that. We can't pick our moms, but we can pick our teams," Rickett said.

Sorry mom. The Houston native said he still has love for the soul food the city is known for.

"I like crawfish po boys and of course, seafood gumbo," Rickett said.
One thing bigger than their appetite for New Orleans cuisine, their hungrier for a victory Monday night.

"We are expecting a win, go Texans, go Texas," Williams said.

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