Houston Super Bowl plans raise unintended controversy

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
A rendering of what things might look like around Discovery Green and the GRB Convention Center during the Super Bowl. (Credit: @HouSuperBowl)

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- How do you refer to the city of Houston? The city has many identities, including Space City, Bayou City, and H-town. (For a while there, even Clutch City was acceptable.)

But now some people are super upset over how the city is being referred to in a plan to promote the upcoming Super Bowl.

In a rendering of what Discovery Green and the GRB Convention Center will look like during Super Bowl week,H-T-X is displayed on the side of the GRB. Some folks feel this is too similar to ATX, which is Austin's claim.

"Is anybody on your committee actually from Houston?" asked a Twitter user. "That abbreviation makes our city look like an Austin copycat."

Plenty of folks are letting the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee have it on Twitter. Most suggest HOU is a better choice, or the preferred H-Town. Or, as pointed out by @MarsInsider, "Ya know with just 4 more letters you could SPELL IT OUT."

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