XFL: Roughnecks game 'should not have ended as it did'

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Roughnecks remain undefeated after a tough game against the Seattle Dragons at TDECU Stadium.

The Roughnecks beat the Seattle Dragons 32-23 after a hard-fought game.

Saturday's game was a nail-biter for fans across Houston.

The Seattle Dragons fought hard, keeping the Roughnecks behind for most of the game.

After being behind for most of the first half, the Roughnecks pulled ahead to tie the game seconds before halftime.

Running back James Butler scored a last second touchdown and jumped into the stands to celebrate with fans.

The second half of the game was just as exciting, Seattle quickly pulled back ahead in the third quarter.

Shortly after, Houston responded with another touchdown, keeping the game score very close.
After not leading for the entire game, Houston finally pulled ahead in the fourth quarter as fans roared in the stands.

The game ending sparked controversy when it was called with a couple seconds still on the clock. Dragons fans argued that Seattle should have had one more play opportunity to tie the game up.

The XFL issued the following statement after the game:
"Today's Seattle Dragons-Houston Roughnecks game should not have ended as it did. Replays showed clearly that the knee of Houston quarterback P.J. Walker touched the field, rendering him 'down' and the fourth-down play officially completed, with approximately two seconds remaining on the clock - effectively turning the ball over to Seattle on downs. With a nine-point differential in the score, Seattle was denied an opportunity to tie the game. The XFL sincerely regrets this error.

In addition, Wes Booker, who served as Officiating Supervisor for today's game, has been reassigned."

XFL leading player Cam Philips pushed through for his second touchdown of the game, ninth of the season, helping the Roughnecks further secure the lead at the end of the fourth quarter.

The 4 and 0 Roughnecks are favored by 12.5 points with good reason.

The Roughnecks are averaging 31 points a game while the Dragons had yet to score 20 points in a single game until Saturday.

Roughnecks receiver Sammie Coates was out Saturday due to a hamstring injury.

Quarterback P.J. Walker looked to get the ball to receiver Cam Phillips and running back Nick Holley Saturday. Phillips has thrown for 987 yards, 12 touchdowns with only two interceptions in the Roughnecks first four wins.
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