2 suspects taunted officer before gunman shot at him in Gulfton area, HPD says

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Thursday, September 1, 2022
Gunman taunted officer before shooting at him in Gulfton, HPD says
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Police said it started as an aggravated assault call across the street. Three suspects reportedly tried to bring minors into the bar when a confrontation with a security guard broke out.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston police officer was shot at while responding to an aggravated assault call in the Gulfton area overnight.

Fortunately, the officer was not hit by any of the bullets that went flying through the parking lot of the Alexander House apartment complex on Gulfton Drive near Renwick Drive.

Officers were called to a bar in a strip center across the street around 1:15 a.m.

Three Hispanic males, possibly as young as teenagers, were trying to bring minors into the bar, HPD said. A security guard asked them to leave, and that's when one of the suspects reportedly showed a gun.

Police said the three suspects left but later came back. That's when the same security guard confronted the group.

Two of the suspects then ran across the street to the apartment complex, HPD said.

Police were called, and upon arrival, an HPD officer spotted the two suspects.

As the officer walked towards them, investigators said the suspects gestured to him to keep coming, and one suspect twirled his hoodie around.

When the officer gave them verbal commands, police said one of the suspects fired two to three rounds dangerously close to him.

"Officer stopped and began to give them verbal commands. At which point, one of the suspects discharged a firearm -- two to three rounds toward the officer," Lt. I. Izaguirre said. "The officer observed one of the rounds hit the concrete in front of him."

Police said the suspects then took off, and the officer called for backup.

Investigators searched the area but had yet to find the suspects.

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