Houston businesses step up to battle package thieves

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Several Houston businesses are stepping up to defend neighbors from package thieves.

Surveillance cameras have been catching these Grinches during the holidays for years now.

Trey Berniard is just one of those homeowners who had their packages taken right off the front porch, in broad daylight.

"Yeah, it was a Christmas present," Bernaird said. "I hope the perfume smells good on you, man. That women's perfume smells nice."

Berniard said it happened Monday afternoon.

"They're dropping an empty box on your front door thinking that you're getting a package delivery, and pick up the box with your items and they move down the road and go onto the next one," he said.

He took to Facebook, blasting the thief, writing in part: "Hey jerk, driving the gold Jeep Grand Cherokee, hope your lady friend enjoys the Christmas present."

Come to find out there have been several reports of packages being stolen right off front porches In Oak Forest and Garden Oaks.

Immediately after the post, businesses in the neighborhood stepped up with a solution for packages being delivered for Christmas.

Murphy's Pizza, the Surf Shop and Hartz Crispy Chicken on Pinemont are all offering to allow the locals to have their packages delivered to their business free of charge. Haum Salon on Oak Forest Drive accepts package deliveries for neighbors as well.

"When I found out what happened, I said, 'Look, we just got to give back,'" said Naro Mak, with Hartz Crispy Chicken.

Giving back to a community that Mak says saved his business when it took a major hit during a construction project happening right in front of the restaurant.

"Oh heck yeah, they ate a whole lot of chicken, you know, how much chicken that is to keep us open," Mak said.

"It's one of the great reasons why we like living in this area because is that sense of community and your neighbor is going to step up and help you whether the street flooding or your packages are getting stolen off your front porch. They got to step up and be there for you."

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