Houston-area law enforcement official explains use of caution in live-action shooting scenarios

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Law enforcement agencies in southeast Texas do not allow live weapons during training exercises with civilians.

Sgt. Ronnie Powell with Harris County Constable Precinct 1 said they take extreme measures, including patdowns and metal screenings.

Powell showed the agency's training equipment to Eyewitness News.

He said lately they've held several active-shooter scenarios with the public. He said no weapons, including guns are allowed anywhere near the area.

"Making sure that someone is not injured or killed can never take too long," Sgt. Powell said. "It's paramount. Safety is paramount."

Powell said when employees partake in "live-action" demonstrations they use what's called Simunition.

Those rounds are made from soap or wax. Employees must gear up before engaging in the training, and they must wear a vest, long sleeved clothing and a helmet.

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