Drone video shows massive flooding in Houston

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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Our flooding emergency has made much of Houston impassable

HOUSTON -- If you've lived in Houston long enough, you've seen Buffalo Bayou swallow up it's banks near downtown, but for this storm there was a different look taken from a drone.

"I've never seen Buffalo Bayou like this," said Chase Bielamowicz.

He launched his $1,000 drone and gave people a new perspective of Eleanor Tinsley Park.

PHOTOS: Houston flooding

"It puts something like a chopper into the hands of everyday people. They can have these really cool views," added Bielamowicz.

From above, we see awesome vistas--Houston's downtown buildings reflected in the glass-smooth. The shots are from way up high and down low, too.

Fellow drone enthusiastic Bryan Rumbaugh wanted everyone to see the beauty after the storm.

"We're seeing everything else you guys are doing from the chopper, up high you can see down. We're in the trees, at the bridges. It's just a first-person view really no one else can see," said Rumbaugh.

VIDEO: Drone footage of Houston flooding

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