Gun recovered inside crashed Jeep with man shot to death behind wheel, Houston police say

Drivers passing by the wrecked Jeep were the first to find the body at TC Jester and Schuler in the Washington Corridor.
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- People passing by a Jeep crashed into a tree in Houston's Washington Corridor rushed in to help the driver, only to find that he was beyond saving.

The lifeless body of a man who was shot in the head was behind the wheel of that vehicle in the area of TC Jester and Schuler, Houston police said early Wednesday morning.

Calls of the grim discovery came into HPD just before 4 a.m.

Sgt. Joshua Horn, an HPD homicide detective, said they recovered a gun inside the vehicle, but they could not determine for sure whether the driver shot himself or was shot by someone else, or that the weapon was used at all.

Adding more mystery, the crash impact on the windshield shattered any conclusions on whether a bullet came into the Jeep or out of it, Horn said.

Police could only identify the victim as a Black man in his late 20s.

Detectives are pursuing surveillance video in the area to help track the Jeep's movements leading to the crash.
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