Woman scammed by intruders who posed as utility workers to get into her home

Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Intruders posed as utility workers to get into home, woman claims
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A woman who recently became a victim of intruders at her home wants people to watch her story to look out for the signs involved in this scheme.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman in southwest Houston said she was robbed after two men posing as utility workers knocked on her door Sunday evening.

"He came and knocked on the door and said that they may have accidentally cut the water line," said the woman who wished to stay anonymous.

She told ABC13 the men expressed a sense of urgency and concern, and stated they wanted to check her water immediately to make sure there was no gas leaking from the line.

"I didn't ask for his ID. I just believed him. He said he cut the water line. He was doing some work. I felt like he was nice for doing that... for coming around to check," she said.

Once inside and at her kitchen sink, one of the men stated they would need to stand there for at least 20 minutes to continue watching the water. The other man said that he was going to leave and check on the other homes.

"He told his partner to stay with me, to look at the water while he goes to tell the other neighbors from house to house," she recalled.

Instead, the man snuck upstairs to her bedroom and got a hold of her valuables. Ring video from the woman's home shows the man leaving her home 10 minutes later with one of her bags. She believes the bag was filled with her jewelry.

Once the men were gone, she went upstairs and realized her closet had been ransacked.

"I work three jobs. I work really hard for this money and feel really bad that it's just gone in 10 minutes," she said.

A report has been filed with the Houston Police Department, but the woman says an investigator has not reached out to her yet. Houston police did not respond to our request for comment due to it being a holiday.