Here's who could play the Houston Astros if they made a movie

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Thursday, November 9, 2017
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Astros celebrity lookalikes

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Astros' World Series was so dramatic, it could make a great movie. Here are a few casting ideas to get the ball rolling.

Michael Pena as Jose Altuve

Pena has been in several comedies, so he can nail Altuve's silliness. Pena is only an inch taller than Altuve, but the real question is: Can he dance?

Luke Wilson as Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander could fit right in at the Wilson family reunion. Wilson also knows a little something about dating a gorgeous blonde. Remember "Legally Blonde?"

Colton Haynes as Alex Bregman

Blue eyes and a baby face. Check and check. If you think he can't handle the raunchy comedy of Bregman, then you haven't seen "Rough Night."

Steve Howey as Dallas Keuchel

Just add a beard and the "Shameless" star could be Dallas Keuchel's double. It wouldn't the first time he played an athlete in Houston. He played a University of Houston football player in the television show "Reba."

Taylor Kitsch as Josh Reddick

How comfortable is Kitsch wearing a flag speedo and how on point is his Ric Flair impersonation?

Michael Trevino as George Springer

Trevino has been in more than a dozen TV shows and is a dead ringer for Springer. We haven't seen him in the hero role yet, but he'll need to step up in order to play Springer.

Jay Hernandez as Carlos Correa

Hernandez plays the cutie in romantic comedies and with Correa having one of the most memorable and sweet moments with his now fiancee during the World Series, the actor seemed like the perfect match to play the Astros shortstop.

Hilary Duff as Daniella Rodriguez

Hillary Duff is a native Houstonian, and you can't deny she and Daniella have a similar look. Plus if you play "What Dreams Are Made Of" and Correa's proposal, it syncs up perfectly.

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