Baby born at 22 weeks among tiniest Astros fans fighting in NICU

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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They may be small, but these NICU babies are mighty, just like Jose Altuve!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Some of the smallest Houston Astros fans will be cheering from inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Woman's Hospital of Texas as the team makes its World Series run.

The tiniest fan at the hospital is little Ayah, who is so small, her foot can fit through her mom's 2017 World Series ring.

"She was born at 22 weeks and five days. She is fighting. We have had our ups and downs," said Dawn Rideau, an Astros fan.

Rideau wasted no time getting Ayah's incubator decked out in Astros gear, from the sippy cup to the onesie in waiting. Everything there announces Ayah's favorite team before she can even wave her first rally towel.

Born at just one pound three ounces, Ayah's outlook was not good. But just like the Astros, she is getting stronger every day.

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"Good is going to come out of it, and she is a strong fighter," said Sonya Rideau, Ayah's grandmother.

Sonya and Dawn say the worry that comes with a preemie only takes a pause when the Astros take the field.

"She's been a fighter. She's fighting, and she is like me a little bit, she's strong" Watch more on the babies representing the Astros in the NICU

Other little Astros fans are in the NICU. A set of twin boys was born a few days ago at 29 weeks. They are already wearing team colors and no doubt dreaming of the big leagues in their handmade outfits.

The babies have a good team behind them.

"Everybody that comes out here is a miracle, and we are blessed to be taking care of them," said NICU nurse Jennifer Ne.

Just like Jose Altuve, everyone expects big things from these little bundles of joy.

"You don't know what small can do, and it is always a powerful message being small, and she's doing it, and Altuve's doing it, so hey Astros!" Sonya said.

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