'NOT HIS FAULT' Astros fan involved in controversial call getting threats, family tells ABC13

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The brother-in-law of Troy Caldwell, the man involved in the interference call against the Houston Astros in game 4, says he's fearful Caldwell is going to get death threats over the incident.

Scott Crawford talked exclusively to ABC13 Thursday morning about what his family member has been going through.

Houston Astros denied 2-run homer after controversial ruling in Game 4

"Troy is getting the bad end of the stick. People are going after his family and his job, unjustly as far as I'm concerned," Crawford said.

"That's not fan interference, that's a bad call. Joe West is famous for those. That's not good," he added.

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Umpire Joe West has worked for the MLB for decades and is known among fans.

Crawford said he was at his son's football practice when the play, that's been the talk of the sports world for the last several hours, occurred.

He recalls hearing cheering and then, "a few minutes later my wife sends me a picture and says that looks like Troy. 'I said are you sure? It does look like him.' I thought it was a joke. I get home and it is Troy."

Crawford believes the call is getting blown out of proportion, considering the runners the Astros left on base.

"We left bases loaded at the end of the game," Crawford argued. "You can't say won or lost by one fan's interference. How can you say it was his fault? Even if it was, even if he interfered, how can you say he cost the game?"

Crawford says his concern is growing over his brother-in-law's safety because some users on Facebook have posted pictures of him along with information about him, pointing out who he is.

He even says that Caldwell bought a blue sweater and a dome crazy hat to minimize being identified and keep himself away from angry fans.

Caldwell now lives in Atlanta, but because he's a lifelong fan, has returned to Houston often for the games.

Caldwell's wife tells ABC13 he deleted all of his social media accounts after pictures of their family started spreading online, and people started sending hateful messages.

"You are coming after the guy's family, his kids, what do they have to do with it?" Crawford said.

While many fans Eyewitness News spoke to believe this was a case of fan interference, they do not believe Caldwell should face real world consequences. They also do not think Caldwell is to blame for the Astros' loss.

"It's hard to blame the one guy. Do kind of feel bad for him, though," said Astros fan David Arriasola.

"That is terrible. I feel sorry for the man and his family. I don't know if I would not have done the same thing," said another fan, Joe Lopez.

Thursday night's game is now an elimination game for the Astros. If they do not win, the season is over.

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