Astros in Mexico: Boy's dream meeting with Altuve comes full circle

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Friday, May 3, 2019
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Monterrey-native Mariano Ramirez is eager to welcome the Astros to his hometown after meeting one of his idols in Houston.

MONTERREY, Mexico (KTRK) -- Last August, Mariano Ramirez had a dream opportunity realized when he attended Astros Youth Academy's summer program.

Coming from Monterrey, Mexico, the 13-year-old sent an email to the team about coming to Houston for the chance to join other young aspiring ballplayers.

The shock of Ramirez's visit came when superstar second baseman Jose Altuve greeted the boy and also showed him pointers about the game, including how the former MVP learned English so quickly after coming to the U.S. from Venezuela.

"You're young and have a full life ahead of you, which means you can learn it faster and better," Altuve told the boy.

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Ramirez's encounter is coming full circle this weekend with Altuve and the Astros arriving in his hometown for a series against the Los Angeles Angels.

The teen's passion for the game is only firing up now that his favorite team is in town.

"He loves to play. He loves baseball," said Lupita Ramirez, Mariano's mother.

Much like her son winning the opportunity to go to camp with Astros, she believes her youngest child can become a famous baseball player. According to Lupita, he says he will take care of her.

"Maybe one day. Why not? Dreams come true, right?" she said.

Recalling the moment he met Altuve, Mariano said he wanted to cry, especially when the ballplayer greeted him in Spanish. The boy said it was something he will never forget.

He added that he hopes it will influence other young athletes to play ball.


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