Houston Astros players come out in support of young fan scolded at game

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Since video of an 8-year-old Astros fan being scolded for loudly cheering went viral, Astros players are coming out in support of the child.

Astros pitcher Lance McCullers tweeted about the story writing, "Chloe, don't you EVER stop cheering! I would love for you to cheer us on, as LOUD as you can, during ALDS game 1 in MMP! I would be honored to leave you a ticket!"

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Astros invite young fan to game, after she was shamed by another fan for being too loud

Other players also showed support for the girl.

"Don't let anybody tell you to stop cheering! If they don't like it then they can go home," tweeted Josh Reddick.

"Chloe please cheer at the games as loud as you can, and if anyone tells you to stop cheer louder," wrote Tyler White.

"Your passion & dedication for your favorite team does not go unnoticed Chloe," Brandon Bailey tweeted.

Chloe's mom, Monica Beaver, posted a video on social media from Sunday's game showing her daughter's excitement as she yells "Swing batter."

Chloe was especially happy after scoring a World Series ring of her own that day.

"It feels like I'm royal," she said.

"We don't get to scream and holler at home," Monica said. "It's one of the things she likes. It's a way to express her emotions."

That's because Chloe was recently diagnosed with a rare disorder called DMDD or disruptive mood dysregulation disorder.

"It's basically she has a harder time with emotions than other 8-year-olds can," explained Monica. "It just makes daily life a little harder. She has to stop and think what the right emotion is to certain things."

Cheering on the Astros has been Chloe's outlet, but on that Sunday just before the 5th inning, Chloe says she got really sad. A second video captured that exact moment, just before Chloe burst into tears, when you can see another fan scold her for being too loud.

"(She made me feel) a little bit guilty 'cause I'm annoying and nobody says that to me," Chloe told Eyewitness News.

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Chloe, 8, was scolded by a woman for cheering, not knowing she has a harder time dealing with emotions because of a rare condition.

Monica had no clue she had just recorded the woman telling her daughter to stop. She noticed it after the fact.

"I should have seen that immediately and I didn't and it's just heartbreaking," Monica said.
She took to social media to talk about Chloe's disorder and within hours, her post went viral.

"It's uplifting," she said. "Again I'm still in shock."

Monica said she's grateful for the many likes and shares and hopes many people out there think before they react, because you truly never know someone's battle.

"One step at a time, I have to remind myself every day," Monica said.

Academy has reached out and wants to give her a gift card so that she can stock up on 'Stros gear.
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