Astros fans from Arkansas receive gesture after death in family

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A gesture from a stranger allowed an Arkansas family to be at Saturday's Astros game, in memory of someone they love.

Harold Westfall died suddenly two weeks ago from an apparent heart attack. He lived in Arkansas with his wife and two stepchildren, but he was an Astros fan for years.

"I didn't know anything about baseball," said his widow, Kristie Jester. "He told me that's because you don't have a team. I watched a game on T.V. with him, and I was hooked," she recalled.

The family arranged for an Astros-themed casket spray for his funeral. She posted the picture on her Facebook page. It was reposted on the Houston Astros Nation page, which caught the attention of fan Jamie Joseph.

"It got to me," Joseph said. "I believe in karma and whatever you do will come back to you. Do something nice for someone at some point every year. That's what I've always done."

At first, Kristie didn't believe the offer, but then accepted. After a long drive from Arkansas, she, her son and daughter and niece arrived in Houston. "It brought back a lot of memories," she said.

"It made me realize there are good and kind people in the world," Jester said. The family met Joseph and his wife Saturday afternoon at Biggio's at the Marriott.

"It's bittersweet," Jester explained. "But I feel like Harold is here with us, and he's looking on from the best seat in the house."

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