'I STILL HAVE MY FAMILY' Couple remains hopeful after fire engulfs home before Thanksgiving

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Texas City family, whose house burned down during a fire just before Thanksgiving, says that despite their loss, they're hopeful.

Gloria Sanderson was cooking dinner Wednesday night when the fire started in the kitchen and quickly engulfed the house, destroying almost everything.

"I started trying to put it out. I was grabbing dirty clothes, everything, laundry, trying to smother and kill it. It didn't do nothing," Gloria said.

The Sanderson family managed to escape the flames that rapidly spread throughout the home. They watched as their home of more than 20 years and their tangible memories were caught in the blaze.

"It was hard to see. It wasn't real," said Gloria.

Only a few photos were salvaged among the piles of charred destruction. But one of the most remarkable items rescued were two Bibles.

"The Bible says the Lord will provide," said James "Jimmy" Sanderson.

Despite their heartbreak, the Sandersons say they still have everything.

"I am thankful because I still have my family and I praise God for that," Gloria said.

"We may have lost everything but we are still blessed," Jimmy told ABC13.

Family members have set up a Go Fund Me account for the couple.

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