Senate easily passes sweeping budget and tax measure; sends to Obama to sign into law.

WASHINGTON -- The Senate has easily passed the sweeping budget and tax measure, sends it to Obama to sign into law.

The House has passed a $1.14 trillion spending bill to fund the government through next September earlier this morning.

It's a peaceful end in the House to a yearlong struggle over the budget, taxes, and Republican demands of President Barack Obama.

The 316-113 vote sends the bill to the Senate.

Senators are expected vote on the budget measure in combination with a year-end tax plan that gives breaks to working families and a wide variety of business interests.

Friday's action promises to finish up a surprisingly productive, bipartisan burst of late-session legislation in a divided Congress.

Obama has promised to sign the massive measure.

It gives him many of the spending increases he's demanded all year. GOP victories include a big boost for the military and the end of a four-decade ban of exporting U.S. crude oil.
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