Hot Christmas gives Houstonians chance to enjoy outdoor activities

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- No snow, no problem. Three-year-old Aria went sledding, Texas-style.

"It's so humid I said, 'Let's do something different this year'," said Aria's grandfather, Robert Casprejon.

Aria got a bike for Christmas and since she hasn't learned how to ride it yet, her grandfather decided to use the box for an outdoor activity instead. They flattened out the box and ventured out to the park, where the cardboard was used as a sled.

"It's like a second gift," said Casperjon.

Others hit the trails for a walk or a run in the warm weather. Runners say the humidity provided an added challenge.

Mark McDowell is training for the Houston Marathon and had a ten mile run.

"I run every Christmas. This was the hardest ten. I've got one more lap to do before I make it," said run Mark McDowell.

Meanwhile, artist Arthur Deatly worked to capture the day on canvas.

"You get these clouds that start off very foggy and then it just kind of dissipates into these nice, long, white clouds," said Deatly.

It's a picturesque passion that brings Deatly out every weekend.

"I paint all over the east side, the west side," he said.

When we saw him, he was painting the downtown skyline. A beautiful view from the Buffalo Bayou. He's nearly done with the piece, so far he's spent twenty hours on it.

"I want my kids to have something in their hand, they can hold, you know, your dad, your granddad, your great-granddad did that," said Deatly.

No matter what they did, whether it was walking, sledding or painting, people certainly enjoyed this hot Christmas.
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