Horses rescued from death at Conroe farm to compete in show

CONROE, TX (KTRK) -- Five months ago, 207 horses were seized from a dairy farm in Conroe. Nearly all were underweight or starving, and there were untreated injuries and illnesses. A judge turned the animals over to the Houston SPCA. The husband and wife owners were charged with neglect.

That was only part of the story. Today, at a horse arena in Mont Belvieu, the tale is preparing for a happy ending.

An exhibition of several horses that were seized was held for prospective adopters. More than a half dozen were ridden, by the same trainers who volunteered to 'gentle' animals, many of which had never had a kind touch or good interaction with a human being.

Jackie Kelsey is barn manager for the Houston SPCA. "It's amazing to see what care, good food and attention can do," she said. "And that's what we want to do. Show people that all they need now is their forever home."

One woman arranged to have a trailer take a young gelding home with her. "It's amazing, " she said. "He doesn't look like a shelter horse."

At least two of the other horses may be adopted by their volunteer trainers.

Of the original Conroe 200, as they were called, several dozen were taken to Colorado. The Houston SPCA continues to care for 80 from the rescue operation, and plans to adopt them over time to 'forever homes.'

The cost of being involved in what is viewed as one of the largest rescue of its kind has tkane a financial toll on the agency. Donations are still being accepted to care for, and rehabilitate the remainder of the herd.
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