Homeless man's hand run over while grabbing change

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's a friendship between two unlikely people.

"No one ever helps no one like that," said Timothy.

Tanya Valero was near Highway I-45 and College when she saw Timothy asking for change.

"I was trying to get what I had to give it to him," said Valero.

As she was doing so, she saw the unthinkable.

A man in a truck in front of her threw change out the window, and as Timothy went down to pick up the change, the man ran over his hand.

"Whenever the guy, took off he ran over his hand," she said.

Timothy said his hand was swollen and throbbing.

"I started crying because that is not okay," said Valero.

She was so heartbroken that she decided to help Timothy out.

"We actually went to take him a meal and clothes," said Valero.

She even raise about $1,300 through a Facebook fundraiser.

"A lot of people donated money," she said.

It was enough to take him to the hospital to get his hand examined. Doctors said some of his bones were broken and he had to get a cast.

"Somebody that don't have much is helping someone who ain't got nothing," he said reacting in tears.

It was an unbelievable gesture of kindness, something Timothy had not seen in a long time.

"People don't care about homeless people," he said.

However, after meeting Valero, he knows there's true caring people in the world.

"It just breaks my heart because a lot of people don't have food to eat," said Valero. "He's just trying to make a dollar."

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