Turn to Ted: Delivery leads to flooded garage

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Dean Zalesnik's house wasn't ruined in Harvey, but they got some water in the house. Enough water that they had to get some contractors in to do some repairs in the garage and floor.

On the contractor's last day, as he was wrapping up in the garage, he noticed some water leaking from the ceiling.

"The only thing new upstairs was the washer and dryer," Zalesnik said.

He was talking about a brand new washer and dryer from JCPenney that had just been installed by a delivery company 11 days ago.

When they went upstairs and started the washer, they found a mess.

"Sure enough water was overflowing out of the drain going into the wall," he said.

By the time it leaked all the way down, his newly repaired garage needed to be repaired again.

"We had to punch some holes in the ceiling right there just to get the water to drain," Zalesnik said.

After spending $1,000 worth of new sheetrock and paint and you'd think it would be an easy fix. It wasn't.

Zalesnik called JCPenney, the delivery company, and the delivery company's insurance adjuster.

No luck.

"February, March, April, May, even into June," Zalesnik said. "We're standing where we stood in December."

All he wanted was to get paid to fix the damage they caused. When he didn't have any luck - he called us.

Something shook loose.

"JCPenney worked closely with GE, who handles our major appliance delivery and installation to resolve the customer's issue." the company told us promising, "He will be receiving a check to reimburse him for damages that occurred."


-Always read the delivery paperwork before you sign it.
-Ask what company is handling delivery and installation. It's not always the same as the one you purchased from. The installer is usually responsible for the damage.
-Hold on (or photograph) to items damaged during installation as proof.

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