Turn to Ted: Chainsaw under warranty, but no one will fix it

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Raul Garza wants some fresh cedar for his fireplace.

So when he got a hot tip that there was some available nearby, he jumped at the chance.

"I went with my chainsaw and my car and cut these pieces and there was a few left to go," Garza said. "The chainsaw just quit."

He tried and tried to get it going again.

But nothing worked.

Luckily for Raul, he bought an extended warranty from Sears and, being super organized, he had all the information he needed to get it fixed.

But when he called Sears: "they sent me on this endless loop and getting hung up on, on the telephone."

He tried going to the store. They sent him to a repair shop. The repair shop sent him back to the store.

"Every step along the way, I had to keep re-explaining all the details," Garza said.

So he wrote to us.

We got his letter and got to work.

Once we got involved:

"[A representative] says that she would send me a gift card that would more than cover the sales price and the tax," Garza said.

For its part: Sears says it doesn't repair small chainsaws like Raul's anymore, but they still honor the warranties and he should've been told that at the store.

The company apologized to Raul and he says he's happy to have the issue resolved.

"All I wanted was a repair. I didn't ask for a new chainsaw," Garza said. "They offered that they don't repair them anymore. So pretty good deal. It's a good deal."

Raul did everything right here.

He kept all his paperwork and tried multiple times to get his problem solved - even sending a certified letter to the company.

If all else fails, try different store locations to see if you get different answers.

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