Residents call ABC-13 for help fixing garbage service problem

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It started a month ago and it is growing: A trash pile is spilling onto the streets, and residents say no one is doing anything about.

Gloria Ransom knows two things about the trash pile on her street.

"This is an eyesore," said Ransom. "It's not moving."

Ransom says that's the part that really makes her angry. Ransom says the pile appeared one month ago when a new owner cleaned out two homes on her street.

Two weeks later, she called 3-1-1 and complained to the city of Houston about the mess but says nothing's been done - well almost nothing.

"This is getting worse. People are coming through, pilfering through it, just making a bigger mess than it is. People are coming through, throwing more trash on top of it," said Ransom.

The recent rains have not helped either.

"It started to smell. The more the rain come, the worse that it is," said Ransom.

So we called the city of Houston to find out what it will take to get rid of the garbage.

We were told the original 3-1-1 call should have been routed to the Department Neighborhoods, but officials are not sure if that happened this time.

Typically the complaint would be given to a city inspector who would go to the scene to determine who is responsible for the cleanup.

City officials tell us in this case it appears the new homeowner must clean up the trash and a citation will be issued if that does not happen.

The city may clean up the mess and then charge the homeowner if it's determined there is a health and safety issue.

Ransom does not care who cleans it up, as long as the trash pile gets removed soon.

"We try to keep our neighborhood clean, people come in a dump stuff all the time, but we try. But this is not a help," said Ransom.

City officials are sending and inspector out to the site. Heavy trash pickup is scheduled to happen next week, but the city may require the new home owner to do the job before then.
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