RePurpose Depot helps you remodel for half the price

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Want to refurbish items in your home?

RePurpose Depot could help you remodel your home for half the cost of big box stores.

Caroline Kostak has come full circle in her career, from being a general contractor for assembly of a space station at NASA to deconstructing and finding materials to reuse for homes.

"It's a very high-performance structure, so doing that green building here on earth is not that much different than doing it in space. And it feels a little more relevant to the people in our community," said Kostak, RePurpose Depot's owner.

RePurpose Depot opened its doors in December and has since been filling up its warehouse with lighting fixtures, cabinets, doors, electronics, and more from homes getting rebuilt or that were destroyed.

Reusing the items saves these materials from the landfills.

"We don't take things that were flooded. The homeowner gets a tax benefit, and they are able to make those materials available to those who can't afford to go to the store or don't want to spend more money," said Kostak.

But the message Kostak and her team share dives deeper than just repurposing materials. It's also about people who are trying to rehabilitate their lives from all kinds of obstacles.

"We bring people in that need a job, good quality employment, teach them how to serve others and the community," said Jerry Howell, De-Construction Manager.

RePurpose Depot is having a grand opening June 23 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at their location on 305 McFarland Street.

This weekend, most of the items will be up to 50 percent off retail value and can be a perfect start for those looking to complete one of those Pinterest DIY projects.
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