Recent rainfall in Houston area brings out lots of critters

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Ants are on the attack! If you've seen mounds in your back year appearing overnight, you are not alone.

When it comes to creepy crawly things, Sarah Quinones is seeing quite a few unwanted pests.

"A lot of fire ants, snakes, frogs everywhere," Quinones said.

While reptiles and amphibians can be a problem, ants seem to be the one pest generating the most calls at Solutions Self Chem.

"We did get a little more than what we expected this year," Solutions Self Chem's Keith McCoy said.

McCoy is selling a lot of ant killer thanks to the recent rainfall. He says if a single mound pops up in your backyard, sprinkle the are with a product called Surrender.

"They actually pick it up on their bodies so as they go down into the soil they actually groom each other so they contaminate one another with the product and it kills them," McCoy said.

McCoy says it's also a good idea to spread Ficam Bait over your yard once a every few months for a longer term solution.

"It's relatively safe, and we can use this product in the yard to treat around mounds and what not they are actually drawn to it and feed on it, it is also an excellent product to use as roach control around the perimeter of the house and also up in the attics," he said.

Another option, is so popular, it's temporarily out of stock...but don't worry a new supply is on the way.

"This particular location in Bellaire is out of some Bifin granules but we will have more this afternoon, but it's a product that you can broadcast over the entire yard area to help keep not only fire ants but other insects from entering the environment," McCoy said.

And if that's not bad enough, get ready for even more mosquitoes in the next few weeks thanks again to all the rain we've been seeing.
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