KUU restaurant: great food, sleek design

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- KUU, a modern Japanese restaurant in West Houston, is not only winning awards for its upscale Asian-inspired fusion cuisine, but also for its eye-catching and sleek interior design.

Zagat recently recognized KUU, as one of twelve best designed restaurants in America. "It was such an honor," says Si Dang, a local architect who designed the chic space.

"What makes this restaurant unique is that I worked directly with the chef and owner Adison Lee on the design," Si says. "My designs were inspired by his food."
"Chef Lee takes normal ingredients and elevates them, and presents each dish like a work of art" Si says. "And we wanted to do the same thing with the architecture."

A cool computer-controlled fish made of metal and lights serves as the centerpiece of KUU's modern-meets tradition interior design.

KUU which translates to "the art of eating" is open for lunch and dinner daily.

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