Interior designer styles 1 sofa 4 different ways

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- If you are looking for a way to brighten up your home with summer color, look no further than throw pillows. They are an easy and inexpensive way to switch up your home decor for a fresh new look.

A Houston interior designer showed us how you can transform the sofa in your home into four different looks just by using pillows.

"This is easy way to spruce up your home, give it a new look without purchasing a sofa or area rug that will be expensive," said the Luxe Designer Lisa Goe.

Shopping for pillows doesn't have to be pricey. While they don't broadcast it, two favorite places of some of Houston's best interior designers are Marshall's/Home Goods and Target.

"Those discount stores have the feather down, the nice quality Ralph Lauren pillows for only $16 to $19," Goe said.

But before you pick your pillows, Goe says to choose your style.

For each of our looks, we started with the same basic sofa.


"This is a formal look when you do the same on each side," Goe said.

She used the same two pillows at each end and chooses neutral colors that match with the existing decor.

"I did a darker gray pillow that's a little bit softer," Goe said.

Goe also mixes texures and fabrics so that the sofa doesn't look like a one-note wonder. The cost of the pillows was $60.


While there are no real rules, there are some guidelines when decorating with pillows, like choosing a printed pillow with a base color.

Because the nautical look is more casual, Goe says it is okay to mix pillows.

"I chose casual fabrics like linens cottons and rope piping and whimsical," Goe said.

She added accessories to give it a beachy feel. The total cost of the look from Home Goods was $100.


For those who want to go bright and bold, pillows will pack the punch.

"You walk in, it's a pop of color and brings a smile to your face," Goe said.

She picked three bright colors to mix and match, and used a teal and printed throw and bright accessories to bring the design together.

"This is the perfect look for someone that is scared of color," Goe said.

She spent a total of $75 for the look.


For those who really like a casual, cozy look, Goe used soft and comfy fabrics.

"The pillows are made of yarn so that's really cozy," Goe said.

But she also mixed in a modern chevron printed pillow to make the design chabby chic.

The total cost of the pillows and the throw blanket was $135.
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