How to cut your monthly electric bill with smart technology

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These smart technology products can cut your monthly bill up to 25 percent.

An average of 40 items suck energy in your home, even when they're not being used. This is how you can slash your electric bill by killing vampire drains.

Smart thermostats are a big money saver. It lets you easily adjust cooling settings from your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, and many will learn your cooling habits. You can expect to save up to 25 percent a year with one of these thermostats.

If you are still living with pre-LED light technology, think about switching. LED lights use a fraction of the power of those older light bulbs. While it costs more, some LED lights are "smart" as they can join your Wi-Fi network for automation and control.

Timed power cut offs will cut off electricity to your gadgets when you don't need it. You set a timer for things around the house like the TVs, DVR and others that you don't use that are sucking down your power. There are a line of products that start at $6.99.

Think about installing a smart water sensor. This device can immediately notify you of a leak so you can not only save money but you can catch it before causing major damage.

The D-link Wi-Fi water sensor costs $59.99. It immediately notifies you if a leak is detected with a notification sent to your smartphone.

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