TURN TO TED: Harvey victim unable to return oven to Home Depot after buying the wrong size

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It doesn't take long to see how many homes were severely flooded in Sherrill Foerster's neighborhood. It's pretty close to the Addicks Reservoir.

"We were fortunate to have flood insurance," Foerster said.

Today her home is nearly complete, but her oven almost didn't make it.

Foerster window-shopped online and then went to order appliances at Home Depot.

At the time, she didn't have cabinets and she says took some advice on what size oven to buy. It was too wide.

"We didn't know until it arrived," she said.

Even though it was still wrapped in styrofoam and plastic, Home Depot didn't want it back.

"They refused to take it back and said I couldn't get a refund," she said.

When asked why not, she says, "Because they said they didn't refund for appliances."

It is the store's policy. Even though Foerster had spent $14,410 at the store on the flood remodel, she was stuck. A friend told her to turn to Ted.

"I gave you the information by email on Tuesday evening and Wednesday at 9:33 a.m., I had a message saying that they were giving me my refund," she said.

She ordered the new one from Home Depot too, which is in the wall today.

"I never would have thought there was a policy that you couldn't get your money back," Foerster said.

Home Depot, by the way, tells us they offer a free in-home appliance measuring service to make sure issues like this don't pop up.

There is a fee, but it's refunded if you buy appliances at the store.

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